Rayes and Associates

Our People

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We understand that our people are integral to our continued success. Over the decades, we have had the privilege of working with individuals who have become part of our family, people who are ethical, professional, knowledgeable, committed, creative and motivated, and who are, above all other things, unpretentious and real.

Meet our family and your future business partners:

accounting in lebanon Mr. Fady El Rayes
Market Access in MENA Mr. Philippe El Rayes
Financial Consulting in Lebanon & MENA Aida Hneineh
audit company lebanon Eliane Daccache
accounting in lebanon Gisele Abdo
Market Access in MENA Hanadi Massoud
Strategic Advisory Services in Lebanon & MENA Joelle Khoury
audit company lebanon Julie Kordahi
Market Access in MENA Naji Bedran
Financial Consulting in Lebanon & MENA Nancy Bourhan